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Michelle’s mantra is to maximize the potential of everything and everyone she touches.  She applies her wealth of rich life experiences to help elevate the lives of others.

Her professional life has been dedicated to helping companies like Dell, Citibank, 7-Eleven, & Medallia build strong loyalty with customers, clients, partners, & employees.  Michelle is recognized as an influential Customer Experience & Innovation Executive, frequently sought out as an industry expert & speaker.  She is known for bringing bold ideas to life through operational excellence and collaboration.  A people centric leader, Michelle effectively transforms teams & brands by tuning in to the unique strengths of employees for the betterment of business and customers. She is known for her desire to understand different perspectives, while bringing positive energy & calm confidence to a variety of situations. 

Michelle lives in Dallas Fort Worth with her family. She spends her time mentoring & coaching others on Customer Experience strategy, leadership, mindset, and overall wellness practices.  She enjoys spending time with friends and family, hiking, reading, cooking, entertaining, stillness, and kicking back near the water. 

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