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CX Of You: Tuning into your own needs

I have spent 2 decades helping big brands develop strong Customer Experience (CX) programs. During this time, I have learned so much about the importance of not assuming, but truly listening to your customers so that you understand their spoken and unspoken needs. As brands, it is easy to just do a lot of stuff and then wonder why things do not stick.

I am finding this to be true when it comes to health. We follow along the latest trend, feeling peer pressure and guilt when we fail to show significant results. During my own journey to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, I have realized that the rule I apply to my professional career, truly listening, applies here. No one taught me to listen to what my body and spirit were telling me. Sure, I have had that sense of “knowing” that I attribute to God and admittedly can fall on either side of the fence as to whether I will lean into that call when it comes.

During these past 2 years, I have been learning to tune into the signs my body and mind are gifting me. I am spending more time journaling and dedicating time for stillness so I can become more aware of how I feel. For the first time, I am listening to me.

Things I’ve heard:

  • You are forcing something when the timing is not right.

  • You are agreeing to do something you do not believe to be true.

  • You are holding back things that need to be said.

  • Be still.

  • Rest.

  • Move your body.

  • Laugh.

  • Pray.

Hearing these things has been hard because it is prompting me to get uncomfortable, saying no to things ,and saying yes to other things. However, it is very clear that the more I listen and lean in to me, the happier I ultimately feel.

I call this the CX of you, because shouldn’t you be your own customer?

I invite you to listen. It may not happen quickly, so be patient. I promise the experience ahead is going to be worth it.

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