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One Day
or Day One ?

 You already feel overwhelmed, so why would you want to add one more thing to your list? 


The You Experience is not one more thing. It is about you discovering who you want to be and designing that fabulous life for yourself. 

12-Session Group Coaching

Group coaching with The You Experience brings together a small group of successful women, supporting one another on the journey to healthier living.  These personalized sessions create a safe space to learn and share while accomplishing your goals to create space for what is most important. 

The Program Includes: ​

Live online 90-minute group coaching sessions, which includes group discussions on nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness topics.  Each session will include recommendations and a full set of notes.

Special events like group seminars and/or workshops related to health and wellness. 

A variety of materials, such as recipes, books, and relevant products.

An invitation for guests to attend special events.

Email support between sessions.

Food & Product Recommendations.

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